Embody is a Boutique Personal Training Studio

Our trainers provide a unique experience, incorporating the best aspects of strength, conditioning, yoga movements, and interval training.

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Services Offered

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Why You Should Use a Personal Trainer



We are experts in biomechanics and keep up to date with the most current trends in sports medicine. This allows us to blend rehabilitation into workouts for anyone concerned with current or prior injuries.



There’s a reason why movie stars and even Olympic athletes use trainers. They get you to see the absolute best in yourself and push you beyond your comfort zone. When this inspiration is combined with an individualized program, success is inevitable.



Not committing to a routine is the major obstacle that holds people back. Consistency creates new pathways in your mind and body that lead to greater self-confidence and optimal health.

Options to Suit Different Goals & Budgets

One-on-One Personal Training

This is the best option for anyone who wants devoted attention to their personal goals. Your trainer will create a detailed program that outlines every step to take for ultimate success. This service offers the most individualized planning, goal setting, and accountability. This is also a recommended place to start for anyone who has limited experience with exercise. A package of 10, one on one sessions can jump-start success before beginning small group training.

Small Group Personal Training

Our studio was created around the idea of offering small group personal training, and it’s what we do best. Most other gyms and studios that offer “small group training” allow 12-20 members at a time. We have found that 6 is a magic number for a training session. This is small enough to provide an incredible amount of personal attention and programming. The added benefit is the energy and camaraderie of being part of a small tribe. If you’re looking for an incredible personal training experience at a more affordable price, this is perfect.

Specialty Classes

Coming soon, we will be offering 6-week specialty classes. This will include things like, ultimate spine fitness for eliminating back pain, developing rotational power for golfers, cross training for runners, and improving hormone profiles through strength training. Click here for upcoming events and discounts.

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