Options Based On Your Unique Goals

One-on-one sessions are an excellent option for those needing a more individualized approach.

Small-Groups are best for people with no injuries or limitations that would require special attention.

Our ability to focus on strength, balance, mobility, and interval training set us apart from the rest.

Small-Group Personal Training

Our studio was created around the idea of offering small group personal training, and it’s what we do best. Most other gyms and studios that offer “small group training” allow 12-20 members at a time. We have found that 6 is a magic number for a training session. This is small enough to provide an incredible amount of personal attention and programming. The added benefit is the energy and camaraderie of being part of a small tribe.
Class prices range between $22-26/class depending on the package. We do not make you sign a long-term contract. You can go month to month and cancel at any time.

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One-on-One Personal Training

One-on-one is the best option for anyone who wants devoted attention to their personal goals. Your trainer will create a detailed program that outlines every step to take for ultimate success. This service offers the most individualized planning, goal setting, and accountability. One-on-one is also a recommended place to start for anyone who has limited experience with fitness or is recovering from an injury.
We offer options of 30-minute sessions and 1-hour sessions. In addition, you can take advantage of hefty discounts when you purchase packages. Prices range between $42-108/session, depending on the package you choose.

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